Obama: You’ve Shown Us the Birth Certificate, Now Show Us the Pictures

9 May, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Obama won’t allow pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s bloody corpse to be released because it would offend Al Qaeda terrorists.  Well, the American people are upset that these pictures are not being released because we want to enjoy the demise of the old goat a bit more.  We have seen the pictures of the other maggott infested terrorists that were killed along with him.

I haven’t lost any sleep or my appetite because of seeing this pictures and doubt that anyone, other than Mrs. Bill Clinton has lost sleep over these examples of human debris.  Mrs. Bill Clinton is seen watching the execution of the raid that ended Bin Laden’s life with her hand over her mouth, obviously an allergic reaction to seeing America’s enemies getting their just deserts.  Never forget that she was the legal mind behind letting Obama go when the Sudan offered him up to us because we didn’t have a legal case to indict him.  Memo to weak kneed, America hating, terrorist loving Liberals: We don’t indict rogue enemy combatants, including terrorists, we KILL them!  At lease Obama didn’t screw that part up.



It still amazes me that more concern is shown toward Islamo fascist terrorist’s feelings than are shown for Christians by our fine Christian president, Barrak Hussein Obama.

Obama did recently give the OK to showing the flag draped caskets of our fallen soldiers so that he could have a photo op at Dover where he saluted the casket of a soldier for the cameras.  This duplicity of showing fallen American soldiers who are fighting for America and for the freedom of millions of Muslims, but not showing the dead bodies of terrorists, is troubling and is the main reason some doubt Obama’s citizenship.  Obama appears to have more concern and care for Al Qaeda then he does for American Christians who are most like our country’s founders.  Negative mentions of Al Qaeda are few and far between, but to Obama it is evident that he holds Christians in contempt as he derides Christ’s followers as those who are bitterly clutching our Bibles and guns.

Question:  Is Obama the president of Al Qaeda or the United States of America?  This is why some have a hard time believing that Obama is an American citizen; he doesn’t think like an American.  He sees everything from an outsider’s, in this case a terrorist’s, point of view.
Closing Comment:  You’ve shown us your long form Birth Certificate President Obama.  Now show us that you can act like an American.

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