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Below are a few examples of the love and tolerance that are so often displayed by those on the left.  These are a few tweets from a few brainiacs who have partaken of way too much of the Democrat kool-aid, with my thoughts following each twit’s tweet.



C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC


It never ceases to amaze me the hatred that can be caused by standing for the life of an innocent, defenseless life.  Ellen makes some accusations against Republicans that should be addressed.


1. Pro-life – Guilty as charged


2. Anti-education – We are anti the NEA which is a pro-union, anti-education group.  Republicans are so pro-education that many of us send our children to private schools or we home school them, thereby avoiding afflicting their little minds with anti-God and anti-America mis-education.


3. Anti-woman – Evidently Ellen has slept through my life time when numerous conservative women have been held in high regard by conservatives and Republicans.  Margaret Thatcher, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Sarah Palin, Barbara Bush, Michele Bachmann, Jan Brewer, Nikki Haley, Mia Love, and this is just a short list off the top of my head.  Republicans also, are either moms, daughters, wives, or they are men who love the women in their lives.  We are pro women with sense, just as we are for men with sense.  Empty heads like Ellen Barkin will find that we stand against her vapid morals, politics, and reasoning.


4. Xenophobic – Evidently this charge means that we Republicans hate Democrats.  A xenophobe hates things that are strange.  This would mean that in the Democrat mind, they are strange things that are hated.  Democrats, we don’t hate you, strange as you are, we simply abhor everything you stand for politically, morally, and in society.  We don’t hate strange things, just the strangeness.


5. Gay-bashing – Again, we don’t hate the homosexual, we do hate the sin of homosexuality as it is one of the sins God hates most.  In the Bible the sin of homosexuality is called an abomination.  God does not hate the sinner, but he does hate sin by His very nature.  Being a sinner myself, I am very glad that He loves the sinner.


Homosexuality is the only sin that we are supposed to celebrate and have parades and rallies to show support.  We are not pressured to throw parades and celebrations for men and women who cheat on their spouses.  We don’t celebrate liars, unless they are Democrats, thieves, covetous, murderers, unless they work at abortion mills, false witnesses, or those who profain the name of God, unless they are Democrats or liberals.


By the way, gay parades are such a misnomer.  The parade participants are always so angry looking; there is no true gayety at a homosexual parade.


We don’t bash homosexuals; we bash homosexuality because it is an affront to God and is harmful to society.


6. Racist – This is such a tiring tag that I will not even address this charge from this left wing kook.  We are not anti any race, we are anti self indulgent stupidity no matter what color the packaging is in which it is represented.


7. SOB – I wasn’t aware that Ellen Barkin was my mother.






Unfair S—t: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly F—–d Again!


1. Mr. Jackson appears to be a product of the NEA’s government school system.  My home schooled children will be much better at socialization and have a much broader vocabulary.


2. Once again, I don’t dislike Mr. Jackson because of his race.  I dislike him because of his self induced STUPIDITY!






Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention #soberasamormon


1. Mr. Aiken must be blind which also accounts for his lack of understanding of basic plumbing.


2. I’m not going to count how many of which race is speaking at the convention as race simply doesn’t matter to me.  I’m just glad that this chowder head isn’t one of the speakers.



I think that a party that is hoping to represent and lead a country as diverse as America is should not be homogenous as the GOP


1. So being homogenous is bad for Republicans but good for Mr. Aiken.

2. Again, nothing against Mr. Aiken and his ethnicity just dislike him because of his self induced stupidity.

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