24 May, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Newt’s main baggage is his departure from conservative principles, not the dalliances in his personal life. This is not spoken lightly as Newt is a past hero of the conservative movement who articulated these values brilliantly.

1 Apr, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Of course April 1st is also known as April Fool’s Day.  There is obviously no better day to recognize the wreckage caused to our great country by these irresponsible, short-sighted, childish, and IGNORANT voters.  If you voted for ANY of the Democrats in either house, or if you voted for Obama for President, then this […]

28 Jan, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Our President isn’t just any old fool, he’s the type of fool that can disregard a mountainous pile of emails being sent between scientists that show without a shadow of a doubt that man-made global warming is and always has been a fairy tale and a hoax.  Personally I believe our Community Organizer in Chief […]


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