Our President Is Not Just Any Fool

28 Jan, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Our President isn’t just any old fool, he’s the type of fool that can disregard a mountainous pile of emails being sent between scientists that show without a shadow of a doubt that man-made global warming is and always has been a fairy tale and a hoax.  Personally I believe our Community Organizer in Chief knows climate change to be a hoax, but also knows that this is the best chance, outside of healthcare, to take freedom from individuals and give more power to the government.  What makes him a fool, and not just any fool, but a dangerous fool is that he seems not to worry at all about this mountain of email evidence that show the scientists and Obummer to be frauds. 

Once again, the president has been caught with his pants down, not in the Clinton manner, but figuratively.  He is shown by his own words to be a liar.  To make the statements that he made in the speech concerning man-made climate change following the light that has been shown on these earth in the lurch people is just ludicrous.  Here’s what the president said about global warming in his State of Obama speech last night, “I know that there are those that disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change”.  Before that statement, the president said, “it means passing a comprehensive energy and climate bill with incentives that will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America”.

Mr. President, “clean” energy isn’t the profitable kind of energy because people are not buying it, and you know this.  That is why this climate bill will have “incentives” that will force people to purchase “clean” energy from sources that before had no customers or very few.  The fact is this president hates the free market.  He loathes capitalism as the socialist loathes free speech.  Is the president a socialist?  No, he is not a socialist.  I’m not one to throw around names at people unless the name fits the person.  Our president is a Marxist, plain and simple.  The free market has served us well for over 200 years, but this community activist that never earned a real dollar in his life, knows of a better way.  Our totally ineffective  president wants to spread the wealth around.  Well he’s been spreading the manure around pretty thick for a year while in office.  Any accomplishments?  He swatted a fly on TV.  Put that in your history books you liberal mamby pamby pointy heads.

Obummer also mentioned the “overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change”.  Any chowder head knows that the scientists that push the so called “evidence” of man-made global warming have reached their conclusions by way of consensus, not through science.  Now for even the chowder head this means that the conclusion is flawed as it is based on what these scientists wanted to find.  The scientists ARE in agreement on what they wished to find.  Plus we have the emails that show that these scientists made up data and hid data to come up with the conclusion of their consensus.  Only a fool, and a dangerous fool at that, would keep pressing for laws that restrict the types of energy that Americans want to purchase and use.  In Obummer we have just such a dangerous fool.  The video below shows the fallacy of the man-made global warming, flat earther.

Exit Question:  Will the people stand up for the free market and individual property as we stood against and continue to stand against Obamacare?

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