31 Jul, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Americans want and love the combustion engine. We want to step on the gas, not accelerator, pedal and get pressed into the back of our seats. Who wants a sporty looking car with a sports car price that can’t get out of its own way? In metro areas people will risk their lives getting on the highway in these vehicles.

16 Jul, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Christianity, Politics

Before getting into this discussion let us first take a look at this word, Agape.  It is a Greek word that most church goers have heard countless sermons with this word as the subject.  The word Agape is translated in our English New Testament texts as simply “love”. Agape love is an unconditional love; a God […]

3 Jul, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

President Obama is once again lying about the Arizona law.  Or is he lying about it for the first time since the last time he spoke incorrectly about it, he had not even read the law.  (Do Democrats just not read anything these days for crying out loud???)  And these stupid people aren’t shy about […]

1 Jul, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

At one time Joseph “Big F’n Deal” Biden was known as the dumbest senator in office. Now he’s the dumbest VP our country has ever had. He keeps reminding us of this by saying stupid things. The latest stupid statement coming from our lowly esteemed VP is an email appeal for cash in which “Big […]


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