The Dumbest VP Ever Compares the GOP to Nazis

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At one time Joseph “Big F’n Deal” Biden was known as the dumbest senator in office. Now he’s the dumbest VP our country has ever had. He keeps reminding us of this by saying stupid things.

The latest stupid statement coming from our lowly esteemed VP is an email appeal for cash in which “Big F’n Deal” Biden compares the GOP to Nazis saying the GOP will “blitzkrieg” the Allied Forces which are the peace loving, tolerant, kind worded, and intellectual Democrat Party. In this email beg for cash “Big F’n Deal” said,

As things heat up, you can expect House Democrats will be hit with a GOP blitzkrieg of vicious Swift-Boat-style attack ads, Karl Rove-inspired knockout tactics, thinly veiled attempts at character assassination and tea party disruptions.

Our Democratic allies in the House need your help, and the President and I hope we can count on you to come to their defense so we can hold onto our Democratic Majority and continue moving American forward in a new direction.

Mr. “Big F’n Deal”, by swift-boat style attack adds do you mean adds that tell the truth about Democrats?  Of course we know that any add that tells of a Democrat’s voting record is regarded as an attack simply because the Democrats legislate far to the left of the way the American people live their lives.

The “tea party disruptions” remark is evidently preparing the Democrats who will face angry people as they conduct town hall meetings and as they campaign.  The Democrats, including the dunce of a VP, don’t seem to realize that the majority of Americans want fiscal accountability from our elected officials.  The Tea Party assemblies simply give these Americans a voice.

As to Biden’s comment about “Karl Rove-inspired knockout tactics”, I have no idea what he is referring to there.  Not knowing what “Big F’n Deal” is talking about is no bother to me as he quite often makes no sense, sometimes for entire speeches.  As an aside, his best speeches seem to be those that he “borrowed” from others.

“GOP blitzkrieg” is a rather unfortunate term for any Democrat to use these days.  Of course Mr. “Big F’n Deal” didn’t mean this as a thinly veiled attempt at character assassination, as Democrats are above such uses of language.  Obviously this was meant as a compliment.

The use of the term “GOP blitzkrieg” by the VP is unfortunate because it shines a bright light once again on the lack of knowledge and understanding of history that has become a hallmark of the lefist statists in America.

Anyone with half a brain knows, this leaves out most Democrats, that the Democrat party of today is much more aligned with the Nazis than is the Republican party.  Hitler ushered in Nazism or National Socialism.  Hitler’s National Socialism was of course a racist form of socialism, but socialism just the same.

Socialism, while not always racist, does, in its promise of equal results, intrinsically need a target group that consists of people who cannot help themselves and cannot achieve equal results without the help of a kind and loving government.  Socialism always tries to appeal to the “little guy” or the “working class”.

The other target of socialists are those whose money the government will take, or “spread the wealth around”, to give to the former target group of less fortunates.  These groups are small business owners and the middle class.

So while socialism may not always be racist in nature as that of Nazi Germany, it is always a force for class warfare as it pits one group against another or one group against many.

Socialistic Nazism pitted the German super Aryan race against all others, particularly against the Jews.  Socialistic Democrats pit the poor, downtrodden, and minorities against the middle class, upper class, and conservatives even if these people happen to also be from a minority group.

Obama and his statist brothers and sisters have done a masterful job of defining conservatives as the enemy of those lower on the socioeconomic scale, meanwhile the statist looks down on the very people it promises to help.

The statist looks down on these people through programs that tell them that they cannot achieve success on their own and the statist is more than happy to make the decisions of life for them with the promise of success in life.  This success never materializes as the promise of utopia turns into a reality of shared poverty.

Programs that involve quotas instead of taking the brightest and best teach minority children that they aren’t as smart as other people.  This is a travesty foisted upon the minority population by the very people that talk the most about “helping” them.

So we see that even though Obama’s socialism is not considered to be racist, it has race at the forefront of its being.  Let’s make no mistake about it, Democrat socialists are as racist as racists come.

The parallels between Nazi socialism and Obama socialism don’t end there.  The other parallel of the Nazi regime to the Obama socialist is that they both have a holocaust.

Nazi Germany under the control of Adolf Hitler slaughtered over six million human beings.  There is no way to say that and make it as gruesome as it was.

Having said that, the Democrat socialist, with the help of some so-called conservatives are fighting to keep the American Holocaust in business.  This holocaust has killed nearly sixty million human beings before they are even born and the vast majority of these being slaughtered are minority babies.

These babies are not slaughtered by doctors for doctors take the Hippocratic oath where they vow to, “Do no harm”.  Doctors would not perform such a miserable deed on a fellow human being.  These are murderous barbarians who take innocent life and tear it limb for limb.

Make no mistake that it is wrong to take an abortionists life also.  The taking of an abortionist’s life gives no chance for this person to repent and accept Christ as Savior.

The act of taking an abortionist’s life decides the fate of the person’s soul and is playing God just as much as the abortionist does.  Such a cowardly act also decides the fate of the abortionist’s murderer because the Bible says, “You shall commit no murder”.

Exit Question: When will the American people realize that the parallels exist, not between conservatism and the Nazi, but the parallels are squarely with the socialistic nature of the Democrat Party and Nazism.

Socialism cannot spring from conservatism as conservatives believe in a government with the limited power drawn up in the Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, and the Constitution of America.  These documents, followed by elected officials and the Supreme Court, would keep Americans as freemen until Jesus comes for His own.  If we lose the ability to follow these documents due to tyrannical statism, our country will slip further and further toward fascism and tyranny.

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  1. Smith  |  July 1st, 2010 at 3:50 PM #

    Everyone uses the term “blitzkrieg.” For example, it is used in football all of the time, just shorten to “blitz.”

    However, I do agree with your comments. Additionally, I especially disagree with the phrase “tea party disruptions” used by Biden. I think left-wing protests are more of a disruption to society than right-winged.

    The Democrats are mindlessly lost in a world that cannot begin to fully understand. They attack Republicans when we defend our rights or questions their theories. The mass media, more deadly than Big Oil, is unfairly biased against the Right way.

    It will not be long before the liberals find some excuse to ban the flying of American flags over Federal buildings. And that day, my friends, that is the day we cease to be Americans.

    Smith - Gravatar
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