America’s Contract with Conservative Leaders

16 Apr, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

What We Can do to Take Back Our Country

1. We conservatives need to remain active and vigilant to slow down the damage Obama can do until we kick Democrat butts out of office chairs in 2011.

2. Conservatives must run on REPEALING the entirety of ObamaCare and Cap and Trade.  If they do not run on repealing these monstrosities, they will not feel mandated to repeal them once we have majorities and the presidency is once again filled, in 2012, by a person who loves America again.

3. We must not rest once we have won back the majority in both houses.  We must remain vocal to let the statist know that their days of government control are OVER.  We must also encourage fellow conservatives and those on the fence to govern in the right way.

4. Conservatives must oppose EVERY new spending bill proposed by the leftists that remain in both houses and in the white house.

5. Conservatives must de-fund groups who have grown so large and important that they write law without being elected and without the law even being passed by Congress.  EPA, NEA, etc.

6. Conservatives must lower taxes on corporations as well as individuals.  When corporations pay lower taxes it frees up money to hire people, their products can be sold cheaper, and with more people working, more people can buy the products they provide.

7. Conservatives must reign in government spending on non essentials.  It’s the people’s money, not Washington’s.  We’re letting them use it and they WILL be held accountable.

8. We must accomplish 1 – 8 and then the American people will trust us once again to elect a conservative patriot as president in 2012.

9. The President and members of both houses of congress will need to immediately get to work on a complete repeal of ObamaCare and Cap and Trade.  If you fail to do this the country is doomed and history will not look kindly on you or us.

Let’s get to the work of restoring this Great Nation to it’s wonderful and great roots.

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