Did The GOP Finally Grow a Backbone?

19 Dec, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

For several years conservatives and Republicans have been wondering when and if the representatives in the Republican party would grow a backbone.  The lack of a backbone goes back to when the GOP had a majority in the house and senate and also had the presidency.  With control of the legislative branch, it seemed nothing happened that conservatives expected.  The Republicans seemed to be shy and timid to use the majorities that had been bestowed on them by the people they are supposed to serve. 

As we have seen in 2009, Democrats are not afraid to use and abuse the TOTAL power that they have.  We must remember that while the GOP had the presidency and both houses for W’s first couple of years in office, they never had the judicial branch with them.  The Democrats have no worry that any cockamamie bill they pass will be overturned.  The Dems own the judiciary and have for decades.

The Republican voters felt betrayed by the do nothing legislators they had sent to Washington and many decided to the GOP a lesson by not voting.  Some even voiced their feelings that they hoped the GOP would lose both houses.  This they thought would get rid of do nothing types and then the next election cycle we could just get back to voting and get a majority again.  This turned out to be a pipe dream and the Republicans lost mostly good congressman and senators.  For instance George Allen, a staunch conservative was caught in the cross hairs and was voted out.  RINOs, Republican In Name Only, meanwhile skated through to victory.  So, not only did the GOP lose the majority in both houses, conservatives lost really big.  Make no mistake conservatism has but one home in the two parties.  I can easily name the Democrat conservatives.  OK, I’m finished. 

Now, while the Republican party is not a conservative party, the conservative ideals are welcome there at least to some degree.  The Republican party has a rich history of conservatism and is the best hope for us as Americans.  We don’t need to throw all Republicans out of office.  Let’s rid ourselves though of the RINOs.  Some have talked about starting a third party.  I say let the RINOs start their own party.  Why let them have our party?  We’re the party of Goldwater and Reagan.  Why let Olympia Snowe, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Colin Powell have our great party?  We’re taking the party back, we’ve been taking names and we’re kicking RINOs the heck out of our Grand Old Party.

There are very encouraging signs that the Republicans are growing a back bone.  Now, what has caused this to happen?  In my, probably not so humble, opinion it is because of a ground swell of grass roots opposition to the health care bill.  These tea parties have sprouted up with angry Americans who have had enough of the Obummer administration.  The statists and Marxists in the Democrat party have poked us with sharp sticks until they have awakened us and we are fed up with Obummer and his ilk constantly attempting to take our freedoms.  This ground swell of opposition to the Obummer administration and to the Democrat party has invigorated our Republican representatives, especially the conservatives.  Maybe it is really the American people, the conservatives, who have grown a backbone.  We need to stay in the fight for freedom and this in turn will encourage our representatives to join in the fight with us.  The video below is an example of one of my senators, John Cornyn of Texas, who gets it about this health care bill and also about the importance of reading the bills before calling for a vote.


Exit question:  Will we, conservatives, keep vigilant in 2010 after we have secured victory in both houses, or will we repeat the past and miss our chance to really change this country for the better.  (By change, I mean a realignment to the Constitution of the United States.)


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