Obama is Re-Elected – Look Forward

7 Nov, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Horror of horrors for anyone that loves America, Barrack Hussein Obama has been re-elected.   We can look forward to a doubling down on the assault on religious liberty, the first amendment, liberty in general, and personal responsibility.

Obama’s campaign slogan was the word forward.  Following are some things we can look forward to following this sluggard’s re-election.

We can look forward to higher taxes to pay for Obamacare.  Even without this monstrosity the country is close to financial ruin.

We can look forward to higher and higher prices at the gas pump as well as higher energy prices to heat and cool our homes.  

We can look forward to more and more friends of Obama receiving government money to produce forms of energy and electric cars that no one wants.  The money will line the pockets of these friends of Obama at the same time the companies speed toward financial collapse.

We can look forward to more policies that dry up jobs and put more and more Americans out of jobs and completely out of the work force.

We can look forward to an emaciated military while our enemies grow more and more bold knowing that this president is the best friend an enemy of America ever had.

We can look forward to more and more lies and an even bigger cover up of the president’s total mishandling of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi.  As Rush has pointed out,

No one died at Watergate.

This is bigger than Watergate and not just because an ambassador and three others lost their lives, but because this president doesn’t have the courage to protect the Americans he took an oath to protect.  He will take that oath once again and it will be MEANINGLESS!

We can look forward to waking up in a different America tomorrow.  It is an America where even when we have been shown that the president is bent toward tyranny, we still voted him back into office to finish the job he started of forever changing our society into one that resembles all past nations that have collapsed from within.

We can look forward to more and more takers and less and less earners.

We can look forward to those earners coughing up even more of their hard earned money.

We can look forward to not being able to spend our money to pursue our own happiness, but having more of it ripped from our fingers to give others happiness at our expense.

We can look forward to an America that is scoffed at and lampooned world wide by countries that hated us while respecting us before, now hating us while laughing at us.

Exit Thought:  If you think this is pessimistic and a downer of an article, you should read the thoughts that didn’t make it into this blog entry.  It is very difficult to be in a good mood over the loss and willful destruction of a country.



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