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28 Jun, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Politics

I am seeing a troubling trend with conservative sites trying to spin the Supreme Court ruling in a positive manner.  The headlines tell us that all is not lost because this makes it easier for Romney to defeat Obama in the coming election.

While I am a person who tries to find the good in every situation, there is nothing about this that will make me feel better about the majority of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Roberts, making the constitution useless.  Useless, that is unless one could use it as toilet paper.  Of course if one did this with the original copy a jail term would follow, but there is nothing but elation on the part of those who rendered the constitution just another piece of paper and who created a society without the rule of law.

With two Supreme Court rulings, both of which Roberts sided with the activists on the court, we have lost our state citizenship and our freedom from being mandated to buy whatever it is that the government will deem necessary in the future.  For now it is mandated health insurance, tomorrow it might be a Chevy Volt, spinach salad or some other item that is for sale that no one wants.

In the case against Arizona, the Supreme Court decided that the President of the United States of America can pick and choose which laws he will enforce, or he can simply make up his own laws as Obama did when it was announced that the fed will no longer help with known illegal aliens in that state.  Basically the regime said, “Don’t even call us, we won’t answer”.

The Arizona case also tells us that a state cannot protect its citizens even if the fed isn’t going to protect them and even though the state follows constitutional guidelines. 

Another edge to the Arizona case is that the regime has balked at the notion of photo identification at the voting booth.  So we now have open borders, no way of telling who is voting, and millions of future welfare recipients on their way across the border to enjoy the bounty of this cash cow we call home, and to vote for the dictator wanna be that made it all happen, Barrack Hussein Obama. 

If illegals cross the border with children, we will give them “free” education.  If they cross the border and have children in Ameritopia, the children will be citizens automatically.  In an open border, come share our wealth society, I can’t really find many advantages to being a citizen.

Just as an aside to this, “free” education for anyone bothers me because it is flat out B freakin’ S.  My wife and I pay more than $3,000 a year in property taxes that are supposed to be targeted toward education.  My children will be home schooled, so ALL of our money is being redistributed to pay for other people’s children to go to a government school system that is too much of a sham for us to want to send our children to it.  This is also a double edged sword as property taxes remind us all that we do not truly own anything if it can be taken from us due to a lack of payment.  If you must make a payment to retain ownership, then you are truly not the owner.  Whoever you make the payment to keep posession of the property is the owner or landlord.

I’m sorry to be a wet blanket, but I do not see any bright side to the raping and pillaging of a country that I love.  It literally makes me weep to see what has happened to the United States of America.  In a few days we have lost states rights and the right to buy what we want in the pursuit of our individual happiness. 

 It might help Romney win the election, but this is about more than winning elections.  If all I cared about was winning elections, I’d join the Democrats because lying , cheating and making the government dependent on your party makes for easier election wins. 

 The greatest document penned by man’s intelligence has been rendered useless and that is a travesty.  I am afraid we have become the Ameritopian Union, a distant cousin of the Soviet Union.  May God in his mercy, help us.

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