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16 May, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Foxnews.com reported on how the White House is being ridiculed for appending the bios of past Presidents of the United States of America.

As reported on foxnews.com,

The Obama team went into the pages of U.S. presidents dating back to Calvin Coolidge to add friendly looking “Did you know?” fact boxes to the end of their bios. Those additions were used to plug a host of Obama administration initiatives, ranging from the health care overhaul to the so-called “Buffett Rule” to his green-energy policies.

This action of Obama placing his name on the history of past presidents that simply isn’t his, is much like one of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramesses II, who transcribed his own name on all of the statues in Egypt.  We don’t really know what this man looked like, because so many statues bear his name.  Anywhere the Egyptian people would look, there was a statue with the Pharaoh’s name inscribed on it.

Dictators often interject themselves into every aspect of people’s lives because dictators all seem to suffer, or their subjects suffer under, from narcissistic personality disorder.  This is a condition where a person has an inflated sense of importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves.  The American people cannot escape from politics because we cannot get away from him the site of him or the sound of his voice.

After a tiring day at work and then watching the bad news about the economy, loss of liberty, and general mayhem inflicted on the constitution by Obama, it would be nice to sit down and watch a sporting event.  TV spot after TV spot shows how Michelle Obama is teaching kids in school to hip hop, or she’s giving us one day a year when we, a supposedly free people can eat what we want.  And if it isn’t the Michelle Obama spots, it’s our feckless leader himself who, in spite of failing on so many levels, finds the time to go to more sporting events than seemingly all other presidents combined, and ALWAYS finds a camera to which to show his overexposed mug.

One place a person could always be safe from the trappings of Obama was when reading about other presidents.  Not so any more!  Obama has found a way to interject himself into the history of former presidents and to capitalize on the accomplishments of others, even those that he hates, at least ideologically.  Amazingly, an entry has been added by the Obama White House to George W. Bush’s bio.  Obama can’t say two sentences without blaming Bush for everything that is wrong in the country, even though Obama has been in office three years now.

This is from the George W. Bush bio page:

In 2002, President George W. Bush’s State of the Union was the first to be live broadcast on the Internet. In 2011 and 2012, President Obama’s State of the Union speeches were available in an enhanced live stream version that featured infographics, charts and data side-by-side in real time with the President’s speech.

Exit Thought: It is simply amazing that a person could be so self absorbed as to not allow former presidents their own space in history.  Good or bad it is the former presiden’t story.  Obama has made even other men’s bios about himself.  This man is a classic case in the study of narcissistic behavior patterns.  We have had so many great men who have called themselves President of the United States, but currently we have a little man who thinks so highly of himself as to interject himself into bios of men who were dead long before Obama ever at dog or bullied a little girl on the playground.


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