Democrats Lose Their Last Shred of Sanity

24 Jan, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

It is a sad thing to see a person lose his or her mind, and it is even more sad to see a whole group of people, the Democrat Party in this case, lose what little of their minds they had left.  How could people numbering in the millions lose their minds all at once?  Could a major catastrophe cause so many people to all lose the last bit of sanity they had shared between all of them?  They did, of course watch as the seat in the senate so long held by The Swimmer, go to a Republican.  And not just any Republican.  This Republican was unheard of three weeks before the election.  Martha Coakley, the Democrats thought, would take her rightful spot in Ted Kennedy’s seat and Obamacare would be right on schedule.  This Republican had no shot at winning an election in liberal Massachusetts, where he was running as a Reagan conservative.

Then the two candidates had a debate and this is when Republicans around the country started believing that Scott Brown could win this election and put the final nail in the coffin of Obamacare.  The defining moment of this campaign came during the debate when David Rodham Gergen asked Brown how he would feel should he take over “the Kennedy seat” in the senate.  Brown replied, "With all due respect, this isn’t the Kennedy seat. It’s the people’s seat”.  This comment was all over the conservative news and political media.  A great line in a debate that probably cost Coakley the election.  The conservative blogosphere lit up the social media sites raising money for Scott Brown’s campaign.  The last week of the campaign donations were over one million dollars every day.

Suddenly the polling data started to tighten up and this previously unheard of state senator was in the race of his life.  Scared that the super majority, filibuster proof senate was about to be lost, Obama himself road in on a white steed to save the day.  Two things sealed the fate of the Democrat in this race, at least things that the Democrats could control.  The first was the debate.  When you are up by 25 or 30 points you have nothing to gain by debating.  If it is a written or unwritten rule to have at least one debate, Coakley is a Democrat which means she is not held by laws, much less rules.  Second, Obama came to campaign for her.  The reason Coakley was in trouble in this campaign in the first place was because Obama will not listen to the American people when it comes to healthcare.  We do not want a sixth of our economy taken over by the government.  We do not want some bureaucrat or a panel of bureaucrats, a death panel, in Washington or anywhere else telling us when it’s OK to live and when we should just take some pain pills and call the mortician in the morning.  Obama is seen for who he is, a Marxist socialist hack who is hoping to change the United States into a banana republic like those his buddies Chavez and Castro run.

Because of these things, Scott Brown is the new senator of Massachusetts and the Democrats are even more out of their minds than usual.  All at once Democrats have lost the last shred of sanity they had.  Still, how is it possible that a group of people lose their minds all at the same time?  It is the cult of personality and their cult leader is a president who is a failure.  Obama is a community activist who knows how to rabel rouse but has never lead anything or anyone.  This has not changed even though he holds the largest leadership role in the world as President of the United States.  He is our Community Organizer in Chief.  He knows how to agitate but did not learn how to lead from Saul Alinsky.   He has agitated the American people until we are mad as wet hens and we are demanding that he cut out this giant power grab for the government of our freedoms. 

Now that the Democrats and Obama have lost in Massachusetts they have become unhinged altogether.  Until now they were hanging by one hinge, but that hinge is off the door and the padded cell is in sight.  You would guess that when a party that holds the presidency goes through tough times, that the President will share wisdom and this will bring comfort to the masses.  This isn’t happening with Obama.  No this cult of personality leader showed that he is as shaken and out of his mind as the rest of the Democrat cult members.  Obama didn’t have wise words to share with his subordinate cultists.  He did try to conjure up words of comfort though in telling his worshippers that they were not to blame and of course The One could never be  blamed.  The fault, Obama would say rests with…George Bush.  Yes, anger at George Bush had caused people to vote for a Republican.  Here’s what Obama said.  “Here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts but the mood around the country: The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.  People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

So we are not angry over Obama and the elders of the cult trying to push Obamacare down our throats.  We are actually angry at George Bush and therefore we will vote for candidates that are more like George Bush.  These people live in an alternate reality of make believe in which they can do no wrong even when they are so wrong that they lose a senate seat in the liberal of all liberal states, Massachusetts.  But in refusing to accept blame, they attempt to transfer guilt to a president who never would have accepted their hair-brain policies?  With this level of nuttery in the Democrat cult of personality, I would suggest to the leaders of the socialistic, Marxist movement to run and hide if they see people dressed in white, carrying butterfly nets.

Exit Question:  Will the Democrats get psychological help or will they continue drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and dive deeper into their psychosis of alternate reality?

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