ObamaCare Makes America Sick

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The sight of Obama and the sound of his voice make me sick.

Our Narcissist in Chief refuses to give his patient, ObamaCare, the same treatment that human patients who cost too much would receive should his bill be passed into law.  ObamaCare should be given an aspirin to alleviate the pain and it should be allowed to RIP.

America doesn’t want to have socialized health care.  America doesn’t want the government to control EVERY aspect of our lives.  Health Care touches EVERYTHING.  Anything that can be deemed, there’s that word again, as having to do with health care, can and will be connected to health care.  If this bill passes we will wish for the days past when we could drive up to a McDonald’s and enjoy some delicious French fries.

America doesn’t want to be a third world, banana republic nation.  We made a mistake and voted a third world president into office, but a good percentage of pro Obama voters are having buyer’s remorse.  I’m having buyer’s remorse and I didn’t vote for the jerk.  Some will say that calling a sitting president is too strong of language to use.  When this bowing, sorry excuse for a leader stops bowing to terrorist leaders and thugs, I might stop calling him a jerk.  When he stops trying to form America into some third world banana republic, I might stop calling him a jerk.  When Obama stops acting like a third world president by pursuing his agenda over the pursuit of what is best for America, then I might stop calling him a jerk.

Rush Limbaugh gets credit for the term, third world president.  Below is an excerpt from The Rush Limbaugh Show that aired March 16th 2010.  I only get credit for seeing the brilliance and profundity in Rush’s description of Obama as a third world president.

RUSH:  And all eyes and all ears are pointed at this show today.  “Tell me, Rush, what is going on?”  Folks, I’ll do my best to explain all of this, but it is devious.  This is one of the biggest domestic threats.  We’ve got a president who is essentially a Third World president…

ObamaCare will make this nation appear much more like a socialistic European nation.  Obama seems to think that this will in some way endear us to the rest of the world.  I thought his presidency was supposed to make everyone love us.

And who cares if the rest of the world loves us anyway?  We feed the rest of the world.  If they don’t love us for that, then to heck with them.  Why should we pander to the rest of the world when they can’t feed themselves, primarily through bad choices they make, such as leaving farm land stagnant to save some stupid specie of animal or because all of the land is owned by the government, which doesn’t farm the land.

If we make our country like the rest of the world, who will feed the rest of the world?  Who will in turn feed us when we cannot feed ourselves?  This jerk of a Narcissist in Chief thinks his slight majority win gave him a mandate to recreate America into a socialized mess of economic, social, and foreign policy decline.  Obama is managing America’s decline and ObamaCare is a large part of this management of our decline.

Republicans, especially those in the Senate, have withstood ObamaCare so far.  The Republicans cannot defeat this bill however, because they do not have the numbers to stop anything.

It is up to the American people to stop this monstrosity of a bill and also to stop the Democrats concerted attack on our Constitution.  Democrats don’t get to do anything they want just because they won an election.  The constitution still stands and it stands against the brand of tyranny that the Dems and ObamaCare have in store for us.

It is fine that Republicans are saying that they are taking names and will make public the deals that Democrats are making in the sale of their “yes” vote for ObamaCare.  It is really all they can do without more numbers.

The American people can and will do more to defeat this horrendous bill.  It isn’t enough to know that Democrats will lose their seats and probably majorities in both houses should this pass.  Entitlements NEVER GO AWAY.  Entitlements NEVER GET REPEALED.  This must be defeated and then we need to kick these vote sellers and vote buyers out of office.  We need to kill this bill and kill it NOW!!!

Let’s Kill The Bill!!!  Please call your congressmen if any might vote for this.  Also call the ones that we need to focus on; this is a national issue so don’t let them brow beat you for calling if you are not a direct voter.

The following information is from Rush’s page.

Keep Trying to Call If It’s Busy (That’s the Point!)
Dial: 877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121
Code Red: NRCC’s List of Targeted Congressmen
Focus: Wilson (D-OH) | Cao (R-LA) | Altmire (D-PA)

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