Presidential Inconsistency

14 Nov, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

With so much going wrong with a presidency, it is difficult to choose one topic to write about.  One could easily write about the health care bill and how the Stupak Amendment gave cover to Blue Dog Dems allowing some of them to vote for the bill.  Of course we were suspicious of this in the first place and now Obummer himself admits that the Stupak Amendment will have to be stripped from the bill.  Where is Joe Wilson when we need him?  The entire Democrat Party needs to be shouted at with those truthful words, “You Lie”.  I would like to however concentrate on Obummer’s inconsistency, where on the one hand a white policeman is seen as “acting stupidly”, before Obummer has all the facts, and with the Ft Hood murderer Obummer told us not to rush to judgment on whether the shooter was an Islamo terrorist.  These two occurrences, or rather Obummer’s reaction to them, are foundational to the thought patterns and belief system of our, and I still hate to say this when referring to Obummer, president.  His reaction to these two events is to me quite telling.  On one hand, “Don’t rush to judgment”.  On the other hand, “I haven’t seen the facts…The police acted stupidly”.  On one hand we already knew that the Ft Hood shooter was a Muslim and that he attended a radical mosque.  It is not that difficult to connect the dots.  I do not say this lightly or carelessly.  I am not a race or a religion baiter, but the religion of Islam is a blood thirsty religion.  Are all Muslims terrorists?  No.  The ones that go by the Quran though are either a terrorist, supporters of terrorism or at the very least hope and pray for jihad and the extinction of all non-Muslims. A Muslim scholar by the name of Bassam Tibi was recently quoted at FrontPage Magazine where he said,”Muslims are religiously obliged to disseminate the Islamic faith throughout the world…. If non-Muslims submit to conversion or subjugation, this can be pursued peacefully. If they do not, Muslims are obliged to wage war against them.” According to Islamic teaching, world peace “is reached only with the conversion or submission of all mankind to Islam”. 

A Muslim has a totally different world view from non-Muslims.  They view the non Muslim as at war with Muslims just by not being Muslim.  Muslims also view Jihadists and terrorists as bringing peace to areas where the infidel, you and me, reside.  So whatever a non-Muslim does is an act of war against Muslims, while whatever action a Muslim does, bombing, mass murder, and shooting is considered to be an act of peace and bringing peace to that part of the world. All of this was said to point to the fact that it was fairly easy to connect the dots pretty much the moment details about the shooter at Ft Hood started trickling out to us.  Still, we were told by Obummer not to rush to judgment.  It was known fairly soon that the shooter attended a mosque.  We then found out that Al Qaeda members attended the same mosque before 9/11 and that the Imam wrote on a web page that the Ft Hood shooter is a hero.  Still, we are told by Obummer, “Don’t rush to judgment.  Now let’s look at the other side of this Rush to Judgment coin.  To refresh our memories of the incident, let’s revisit what happened.  Professor Gates had locked his keys in his house and broke into his own home to get inside.  Probably nothing most of us haven’t done before. I have done this a few times myself.  When you break into a house, even your own house, you have to be aware that a visit from the police is not out of the question.  You are, after all, breaking into a house.  A neighbor saw the break in and called the police who arrived minutes later to find Gates in the house. backpage new orlean  The policeman told Gates that he was investigating a break in and Gates asked, “Why, because I’m a black man in America?”, according to the police report.  So it is Gates that brought race into this incident.  Of course this was followed by a beer summit at the White House between Gates, the policeman, and Obummer.  Oh yes, there was someone else in attendance.  Obummer found out that whenever beer is mentioned, Joe Biden shows up.  So in Obummer’s world, police are stupid or act stupidly even before we look at the facts.  Also in Obummer’s world Muslims are not terrorists and this thought should not even cross our minds until we have ALL the facts, and even then we will call them alleged terrorist or just violent people.  Again, not all Muslims are terrorists, but by far most terrorists are Muslims.  This cowardice and appeasment is the mindset that kept the military from putting all the signals together and stopping this Islamo terrorist from killing 13 of our bravest and best.  It is this mindset of sticking one’s,  er The One’s, head in the sand and pretending that everyone loves us, that makes us less safe than we have been since 9/11/01.  This is my point, Obummer has too much respect for suspected terrorists and terrorists and too little respect for law men and the rule of law. Exit Question:  Is it too much to ask that the president have at least as much dislike for our enemies as he has for the rule of law and conservatives?


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