Extortionist In Chief

17 Dec, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

What is and who are important to the president?  The same day that he announced that Club Gitmo detainees would be delivered to an Illinois prison, Obummer threatened to close down Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska if Senator Ben Nelson refused to vote in favor of ObummerCare.  This president never ceases to stoop to new levels of irresponsibility.  Why move Club Gitmo detainees to Illinois?  Are we going to give them all jury trials just like US citizens?  Are we going to presume all of them innocent until proven guilty?  Why are we to feel sorry for these maggots when they are water boarded or when a caterpillar is placed in the cell with them?  As far as I am concerned on the chance that it would save one American’s life, these pond scum terrorists should begin losing digits until they don’t have any left or until they give us all the information they can give.  After all the digits are gone or the information is given, they should appear before a military tribunal and swiftly put to death for war crimes according to the Geneva Convention.  These cowards are unlawful enemy combatants who didn’t wear uniforms to signify who they were.  Instead of treating these pond scum terrorists in the manner they should be treated, we’ve been giving them a brand new quran to read and new prayer blankets.  We wouldn’t want their little terrorist knees to be sore.  They should be tried by military tribunal then tell them about Jesus and next comes target practice.  Instead, we are moving these cock roaches into the United States.  If they make it out of jail I’m sure ACORN has a spot for them and they will be good Democrat voters.

So on one hand we have 10,000 of America’s finest at an air force base and on the other hand we have cowardly, unlawful combatant terrorist insects. One group is held up as chattel by Obummer; just pawns in his extortion attempt to push ObummerCare down our throats. On the other hand we have a group that is coddled and cannot be mistreated or even offended. Amazingly it is the military that is just a pawn in Obummer’s game to legacy build and the terrorists who are treated like old friends. Of course what’s another terrorist friend when you’re already friends to William Ayers, isn’t that right Mr. President, you low life jerk. National defense is not Obummer’s main goal; it isn’t even in his top ten. Obummer’s goal is to make a legacy for himself and he thinks creating a Marxist regime through a healthcare takeover is the way to do this.

Exit Question: Will Obummer ever at least act like he loves this country or do we have 3 more years of this train wreck of a presidency where terrorists seem more welcome important than our own military men, women and families.


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