Giving Terrorists Constitutional Rights

18 Nov, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Our man-child president has said, “This is a prosecutorial decision as well as a national security decision”.  This was said following the announcement by the attorney general that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al Qaeda terrorists will be allowed to go through the court system in New York City.  They will be put on trial in federal court.  Many are calling this maniacal terrorist KSM.  I find it appalling that Americans are giving this piece of pond scum an endearing nickname.  I’ll refrain from calling him KSM and will instead call him KFC.  He should be deep fried and deep buried along with his other fine feathered, cowardly, chicken friends.  Make no mistake; murdering innocent people is a cowardly act.  It is even more cowardly with KFC who had others do this evil for him.  He’s such a brave man teaching others to commit suicide while murdering others, all the while KFC sits in comfort and awaits the news with sickening anticipation.  Of course he enticed these yellow bellied Islamo fascist terrorists with the promise of 72 virgins in the life hereafter.  My guess is that virgins are few and far between in Hell and that enjoying anything there will be out of the question anyway. Again, the announcement of this travesty of justice was pronounced by Attorney General Eric Holder.  Obummer is passing the buck on this decision.  If the president makes any decision this is one that, as the Commander in Chief, he certainly makes himself.  This is similar to Slick Willy telling the press to talk to Janet Waco after the Branch Davidian debacle.  Obummer is right about one thing, this is a national security decision.  Which is why making this a prosecutorial decision is so wrong.  This is a trip back in time to before 9/11/01.  This takes us back to a time, the Clinton presidency, whose mindset of dealing with terrorists as simple lawbreakers, helped invite the terrorists to strike us in the first place.  Andrew McCarthy who prosecuted the 1993 World Trade Center bombers, said that vital national security information traveled within days from the defendants, of course more Islamo fascists, directly to Bin Laden.  This decision seems designed to get more security information into the hands of our enemy and Obummer has shielded himself from criticism and has chosen a person on whom to place the blame. These men should face the bar of a military commission for their war crimes against the citizens of this great nation.  They should be, as stated earlier, deep fried and deep buried like the no account chickens they are.  Instead they are being afforded a trial and given all the rights that come with that.  These rights should only be bestowed upon citizens.  This is going to cause a lot of problems in bringing these insects to justice.  A military commission could block the defendant from studying sensitive, security information, by allowing only their lawyer to see such files.  If KFC and his band of chickens decide to defend themselves, they will be granted free access to all kinds of national security information that only fools would want an enemy combatant to see.  There are also more issues that this foolish decision brings up. These cock roaches were ready to plead guilty and be put to death before this get out of hell, for now, card was given to them.  Now, I’m sure they will plead “not guilty”.  They can say they were never mirandized before being ready to plead guilty and were also tortured, which Obummer himself has said.  How many mistakes concerning one decision can one idiot make? 

In a federal court the prosecution must prove its case beyond a shadow of doubt.  It will be forced to this without much evidence.  Soldiers in the field do not act as CSI agents or policemen.  They do not study a crime scene looking for evidence.  They simply want to get the bad guy off of the field of battle.  Soldiers do not look for evidence with how it will look in a federal court.  Enemy combatants do not go to court, they go six feet under or to Club Gitmo to await a military trial.  The case could even be dismissed because of the “torture”, the failure to mirandize and the right to a speedy trial.  All of these things are constitutional and are meant to be protectors of CITIZENS against government abuse.  These mosquitoes are being given rights that only citizens should be able to utilize.  As a citizen, I find it repugnant that termites like these are getting rights that should only come from being a citizen of the United States.  What happens with these maggots if they are not found guilty?  We’ve let them in our court system and afforded them rights of citizens.  Will they just be turned out into our society to strike again?  Exit question:  Will Obummer ever take the blame for any of his idiotic policies seeing that he has already passed the buck on this one?

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