What Does Tyranny Look Like?

11 Jan, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Tyranny looks a lot like promises of transparency,  even the most transparent administration ever, when in reality however there are secret meetings behind locked doors and changed door locks.  Tyranny looks a lot like bailouts that end with the government owning corporations and telling CEOs how much they can make.  Obummer also told AIG cafeteria workers that their 500 dollar bonuses were too much and that is a dead ringer for what tyranny looks like.

Tyranny looks an awful, good choice of words here I think, lot like
obummercare.  Obummercare will take from those that already have insurance, and one of those job thing-a-ma-doodles, and will give their hard earned money to those who for whatever reason don’t have health insurance.  And of course they probably also don’t have a job thing-a-ma-doodle either unless they fall into the category of people that simply do not wish to purchase insurance.

Tyranny looks like a government mandating that its citizens purchase something or ANYTHING.  We are told that the mandate to buy health insurance is just like state’s mandating that automobile drivers must have insurance.  First of all a huge difference is that car insurance is mandated at a STATE not FEDERAL level.  Another difference is that a person does not have to buy car insurance if that person does not drive an automobile.  Health insurance is mandated for ALL by the federal government, whether you will use its services or not.  Mandates on purchases from Obummer and his lackeys in congress are nothing short of fascism and certainly look like tyranny.


All one has to do to see what tyranny looks like is look at our Community Organizer in Chief and his fellow liberal, Marxist hacks.  This is the face of tyranny in our country.

Exit Question:  Will America throw off the shackles of tyranny or be thrown on the ash heap along with other nations who lost their liberty and gave up their God-given rights for the squalor of outcome based equality?


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