The System IS Working – The System Is NOT Working

31 Dec, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Now I’m not one to call names, but it is just impossible for me to describe the people that we are dealing with in the Obummer administration without calling them what they are.  Janet Napolitano is just another in the Obummer administration that wears the title of Idiot very well.  Her response to the near bombing miss of the plane over Detroit?  "What we are focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel. And one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked".  She then said, "So the whole process of making sure that we respond properly, correctly and effectively went very smoothly".  When dealing with liberals and Marxists who make up the Obummer administration,  one has to realize that these people do not dwell in a place of reality.  They live in an alter reality of their own making.  We have to remember that the the Stimulus package and Cash for Clunkers to the statist, Marxist were overwhelming successes.  What did either of these accomplish?  NOTHING, NADDA, and ZILCH.  Still, these are successes that Obummer and his henchmen will point to when asked about their triumphs of the first year of the reign of the One.  So, it should come as no surprise that this looney tune, Napolitano, would look to this Nigerian terrorist almost blowing a Jet load of people on board as some sort of success.

Never mind that ALL the signs were missed.  Never mind that he was on the No-Fly list.  Never mind his own father called the US Embassy and warned of his extremism.  Yet in the alter reality of the liberal, this is success for the Obummer administration.  The bomber was foiled by faulty equipment and passengers, but somehow Napolitano and Obummer take credit for the plane and its passengers not being blown to bits over Detroit.

We are witnessing the worst presidency in our country’s history.  He is putting together the failures economically, show of weakness abroad, communication, and the handling of terrorists in our courts of the two worst presidents in my lifetime, Jimmy Carter and Slick Willy.  Carter had hyper inflation from spending more money than we had and then printing money to cover the debts.  Obummer is following this failed policy.  He is showing weakness abroad as both democrat failures before him had shown.  He is doing this through his non-stop apologize for America’s strength world tour.  Communications that started working under the Bush administration that uncovered numerous plots of terrorism, have already in just one year come to an end and appear to be as bad if not worse than when Dr. Slick was in office after he created a wall of separation between law agencies.  And of course he is following the failed policy of sharing US intelligence with terrorists by reading them their Miranda rights and allowing them a full court hearing just like a citizen.  Attempt to blow up a plane and basically get full citizenship.  This is the worst president EVER in our history.  He is a combination of Carter and Clinton and is fast approaching having the most corrupt administration ever which would put his ahead of the Clinton administration for this dubious prize.

This woman should be thrown out of office.  I leave you with Janet Napolitano making that case for me in her own words.

So we can take comfort that after a calamity takes place, this administration is good at alerting the press!!!  That makes me feel better about the entire situation.  Worst administration ever!!!  Not to mention the system worked comment from her in the first place was not about alerting the media after the event.  She was crediting her boss’s strategy for the failed bombing attempt of this plane over Detroit.

Exit question:  Are we going to demand that this Idiotic Moron be snatched up by the nap of the neck and thrown out of office?



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