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The official web site,, where the government is showing where the “stimulus” money went really is very transparent.  We have never witnessed this level of in your face transparency by the US government in my life time.  This administration is blatantly transparent in showing us, as taxpayers, that they can use, misuse and steal our hard earned tax dollars any way they wish to do so.  All the while that they are doing this they are even willing to show their contempt for us by feeding us obviously phony data.  Their attitude seems to be that they’ll show us what they want to show us, even if it is a lie made out of whole cloth, and we are powerless to do anything about it.  This is so brazen it smacks of the old Soviet Union’s tactics.  This from the administration that its CEO, the president, said would be the most transparent administration in the history of our country.  Mission accomplished Mr. President; this is certainly the most transparently corrupt, conniving, liberty killing, administration so far.  In that way you are as transparent as your Mao, socialist loving, tax evading, and just downright crooked czars.  The Nixon administration would have blushed at your brazenness and crassness with which you conduct your skullduggery. 
Am I being too hard on our Community Organizer in Chief?  I don’t think so.  Have you noticed the obscene numbers on the web site?  Supposedly, an awful lot of money went to districts that don’t even exist.  Where did the money go if the district doesn’t exist?  Who knows!!!  All we know is it didn’t go where we’re told it went on the government’s own web site of transparency.    One place it didn’t go and won’t go is back to the taxpayers who through sweat and callused hands EARNED the money.  The government didn’t earn that money that they have at best squandered away.  What did the government do to earn it?  Oh, they showed us they could be trusted with our money while driving one money pit program after another into the ground.  That’s how they earned our trust and our money.  Obummer wasn’t kidding when he told Joe The Plummer that sometimes you have to spread the wealth around.  Well how about spreading some back to the taxpayers instead of into “districts” that don’t exist.  What entity does exist that received our money?  We don’t know and we never will.  The next time the government comes to put their hand in our pockets and steal our money, let’s tell them to get it from those non existent “districts”.
 As reported on
Shows 40.7 million dollars of stimulus money went to seven congressional districts that don’t exist.  These include districts 00 and district 25.  Districts 1 – 6 are all that South Carolina has in the way of congressional districts.
California is shown to have an extra 7 districts that are in a addition to the 53 that it does have.  One district is district 99.
These are just a couple of examples.

Exit question:  When will Obummer and his failed administration be transparent in the ways that were promised on the campaign trail instead of being transparent as a phony and a fraud?


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