Can Obama be Compared to Hitler?

15 Jan, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Christianity, Politics

Much has been made of comparisons involving the Obummer administration’s attempted take over of seemingly every part of our lives, to Nazi socialism.  Of course with this comparison come the knee jerk reaction of the statist claiming that conservatives want to paint poor feckless Barry as a genocidal maniac.  No conservative that I have heard or read has made any connection between the holocaust and the worst president in our history.  For libs, Dems, statists, and progressives I’ll tell you to whom I refer and it is none other than Barrack Hussein Obummer. 

I have seen pictures that depict Obummer with a little mustache and wearing a hat with a swastika on the front.  I even pondered using such a picture in my blog, “What Does Tyranny Look Like?”, but reconsidered after making the assessment that this was too over the top, even for me.  But is it really that far fetched to tie Obummer and the rest of the Dems for that matter to genocide?  Obummer vowed not to sign a healthcare bill that did not include tax-payer money to pay for abortions.  While a state senator in Illinois Obummer voted against bills that would make partial birth abortions illegal in that state.  Let me make myself perfectly clear.  This IS a modern day holocaust.  From time to time people will wonder out loud about whether a holocaust like Nazi Germany could happen here in the United States.  Could the American people sit idly by while millions of people are murdered just because they are undesirable?  In one word that is ABORTION and abortion IS an American holocaust.

I have mentioned partial birth abortion.  In this type of abortion the entire body of the baby, except the head, is delivered by the abortionist.  Abortions, by the way are not performed by doctors.  Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath during which they vow “to do no harm”.  Therefore I will call these monsters abortionists and not doctors because if they were doctors they would do no harm.  Once the body is delivered, except for the head, the abortionist jams scissors into the baby’s skull and opens the scissors to enlarge the hole in the skull.  After the scissors are removed, a suction catheter is inserted to suck the child’s brains out.  The dead baby is then removed.

No, we don’t have concentration camps, we have wombs.  We don’t have gas chambers we have murder mills we call abortion clinics.  We don’t have trenches where we put the bodies of the murdered, we discard of the bodies of babies in the garbage.  We don’t have a Hitler like figure in charge of the operation, we have the Supreme Court, Democrat Party, Planned Parenthood, and President Obummer.

We are squeamish over some pictures of Obummer that depict him to look like Hitler.  Shouldn’t we be more squeamish about the 49,000,000 babies who have been murdered in America’s holocaust?  Hitler murdered about 6,000,000 Jews and as horrific as this is, the abortionist’s murder mills have killed 43,000,000 more people then did Hitler.  Joseph Stalin it is calculated, killed about 60,000,000 people.

Exit Question:  Maybe it would be more fitting to depict Obummer and the rest of the dems as Stalin instead of Hitler?

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