Kagan is Obama With Testosterone

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The confirmation hearings to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court ended yesterday with the confirmation vote.  Elena Kagan has been confirmed even though she is the most inexperienced person to go through the confirmation process in recent history.  She is actually less experienced than Harriet Miers, who Bush withdrew after a firestorm of protest from within his own party, on the basis that she was too inexperienced.  Kagan was of course nominated by Barrack Hussein Obama, the most inexperienced person in any room.

Rush pointed out that Obama basically nominated himself when he nominated a left leaning, neophyte to sit on the court.  Of her nomination, Rush said,

Obama has chosen himself in a different gender, sexual gender.  Identical.  No paper trail, don’t know anything about her, all we got is platitudes.

With Obama, we don’t even know his birthdate for sure.  It was celebrated, by those that care, on July 6th.  Michelle celebrated it by going to Spain with her daughter and renting 70 rooms.  At one point she could be heard saying, “Let them eat cake”, or something queen-like.

We are forced to take his word for his date of birth since he will not allow his birth certificate to be disclosed.  Talk about not having a paper trail.

Some suggested that Obama should just nominate himself for the Supreme Court.  Who better to rubber stamp his socialistic, totalitarian policies than the perpatrater of the failed policies; Barrack Hussein Obama himself?

Enter, Elena Kagan, almost a carbon copy of Barrack Hussein Obama.  With only two years of practical experience in law, she is basically a blank slate.  To see what she thinks and believes concerning law and the constitution, one cannot look at her record in law.  She never served as a judge so one can certainly not look at how she decided cases involving the constitution.

She did however, as dean of Harvard Law School, take a case all the way to the Supreme Court.  This case involved Kagan’s attempt to block the military from the Harvard campus during a time of war when brave men and women put their lives on the line for every American’s freedom.  At this time, Kagan decided to refuse the military the freedom to recruit on Harvard’s campus.

As Obama’s former Solicitor General, the President has chosen a safe bet, in Kagan, to rubber stamp his imperialistic policies in his hope to change this nation into something our founders feared and that every American should fear.  He has chosen a justice who will always vote in favor of abortion on demand, by demand, at any time.  I’m so tired of the left insisting that the right not use a litmus test, when in fact the left holds its candidates to at least a dozen such tests.  I’ll name some of these.

  1. Abortion
  2. Global Warming
  3. Liberal education which distorts America’s place in history
  4. Weak on the First Amendment – for limiting speech in churches, especially speech that is anti-liberal or is against a liberal pet group such as homosexuality.
  5. Weak on the Second Amendment – They will claim to be pro gun, but only hunting guns that some wacko will tell us are OK for this purpose.
  6. Separation of church and state – This never appears in the constitution
  7. Against death penalty (except for inconvenient babies)
  8. For taxes that go way beyond the constitutional limits of government
  9. Dislike of the military
  10. Dislike of America
  11. Distrust of America as a Super Power
  12. For implementation of fairness doctrine and limiting freedom of speech during elections
  13. Preserving Obamacare

Exit Observation:  Rush said that Obama’s appearance on The View added estrogen to the show.  Similarly, I believe that Kagan’s nomination to the supreme court adds some much needed testosterone to the bench to balance out Anthony Kennedy and the other ladies on the court.

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