Answer to the Recession: More Government Spending

2 Feb, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Yes, the Democrats have come up with the perfect solution to getting out of a recession.  Never mind that more debt has never and will never get a person, family, organization, corporation, or Nation out of a recession.  We wouldn’t want to wake these numbskulls from the delusions in which Democrats abide while living in their alternative reality.  Mathematics show that thinking that this country just needs more debt in order to end the recession to be the thinking of lunatics.  Common sense shows that thinking that this country just needs more debt in order to end the recession to be the thinking of lunatics.  Even history shows that thinking that this country just needs more debt in order to end the recession to be the thinking of lunatics.

So what lunatic nut job is the latest that is calling for more government spending which will lead to an increase in national debt?  To name one would not be entirely fare.  The first lunatic nut job that comes to mind is the president of the United Sates.  As reported at, President Obummer has said that the nation needs to continue to “spend our way out of this recession”.  He also said, “I’m still committed to halving the deficit we inherited by the end of my first term — cutting it in half.”  This proves the point so well that figures don’t lie but liars can figure.  Obummer has so far more than doubled the debt that he “inherited” from Bush.  Remember it is law makers, both houses of congress, that actually spend money and Obummer was a senator during Bush’s last term as President.  I don’t recall a “nay” vote at all from Obummer concerning any spending bills while he was a senator.  Obummer really didn’t inherit the national debt, but instead he contributed to it.  What’s even worse is that this is his only REAL action as a no-account senator from Illinois.  The feckless president of the United States isn’t the nut job to which I am referring to here, though nut job he is nonetheless.

Am I referring to the whole of the Democrat party as a nut job of many?  Well, this is also fitting as the Democrats are poised to increase the national debt to 14.3 TRILLION dollars and will surely increase spending and taxation in order not to waste this excess wiggle room in the debt ceiling.  Of course we can expect these incompetent boobs to toe the party line and talking points of, “this is the debt we inherited from Bush”.  Never mind they have quadrupled the debt that they did “inherit” from Bush.  By the way, Democrat nut jobs, you VOTED FOR ALL OF THE SPENDING while Bush was president.  You inherited nothing in the way of spending and national debt that you didn’t vote for, including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  You nut jobs cannot keep complaining about Bush for things you had a hand in causing, if not the upper hand.  Unless, of course, by doing this, you Democrats wish to keep and improve upon your standing as nut jobs.  So far, so good Democrats, keep up the lunacy.

The person to whom I refer as a nut job today is House majority Whip, James Clyburn.  Mr. Clyburn is a Democrat representative from South Carolina.  First, I have a question for the good people of South Carolina.  The question is, does this nitwit really represent the people of South Carolina?  Do you really share this man’s incompetence and his hatred of the truth and common sense?  If you, the good people of South Carolina do not share in this, then why is this dunderhead representing you?  This is what that brainiac of a representative said concerning the recession and the national debt, “We’ve got to spend our way out of this recession, and I think most economists know that.”  Most economists know that we’ve got to spend our way of this recession?  Really?  Are we talking economists that are similar in economics as to the “scientists” that make up the “science” of global warming?  Has Clyburn spoken to most economists, or just the one(s) that agree with his uneducated ascertain of the recession situation?

Spending by the American people WILL bring an end to the recession.  The way to bring this about is less government spending, less taxation on ALL of us, including the rich and corporations.  Lower taxes will allow corporations to hire more people, who the government can tax.  Lower taxes will allow corporations to spend more money, which will allow smaller companies that provide products and services to large corporations to be able to employ more people, who the government can tax.  Lowering taxes on the general population, those that actually pay taxes, will allow the general public to buy and consume more products and services, thus allowing companies to employ more people, who the government can tax.  JFK and the great Ronald Reagan both used this model or trickledown economics and proved that lowering taxes actually brings in more revenue because it puts more people on the tax rolls and when corporations aren’t being punished for making money, they tend to be more forthcoming with what they are making by spending more of it here in the United States.

More spending by Uncle Sam and increased taxation on the American people will just drive us further into recession and if this isn’t righted quickly we will find ourselves in the Not So Great Depression of 2010.  Let’s not give our children a nice story to tell of how we survived the Depression of 2010, but let’s give them a more important lesson of how we beat back the soft tyranny of the left.  Let’s tell them a story, not of rationing coffee, gasoline, and other products, but one of victory over the tyrants that wish to drive us into a deep recession or a deeper depression.

Exit Question:  Have we had enough of these liberal nut jobs that we will storm the polling places in 2010 and vote that they ALL get new jobs?


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