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Today I started a new project.  The new project was to start an account on Organizing For, really it is against, America and posting my first blog there.  The intention is to see how long these Obamaites will allow my anti-Obama blog entries to stay up on their site.  Another intention of course is to poke these silly Obama fool-aid, not a misspelling,  drinkers with a sharp stick.   Obama followers crack me up and I understand their delicate, tightly wound psyche must be handled with kid gloves.  I’ll try my best to not drive them over the edge of the cliff to which they are teetering so closely.  I’m expecting to see much tolerance from the oh, so tolerant left.

Below is the content of my first blog post on the Organizing For America site.  Please enjoy.

By Marty Griffith – Mar 1st, 2010 at 4:49 pm EST

A lot has been said about health care during this nearly yearlong debate.  We have heard many anecdotes about people that have not received adequate health care and stories of some who have received no health care.  Two things that statists have never answered for us though are:

1.)  Where in the constitution is the government given the power to take over our individual health care decisions?

2.)  How in the world are we going to pay for this massive extension of Medicare and Medicaid?

If an answer cannot be given to question #1, then question #2 really does not need an answer.  Government should NOT be in the business of taking for itself power that it grabs from the people.  More importantly, the government should NEVER take for itself powers that the constitution does not grant to it.  Power grabs outside of the constitution give the government illegitimate power.

For the sake of argument, let’s move on to question two even though the power grab by the government would be unconstitutional.

Medicare and Medicaid are both highly responsible for the financial ruins we find our nation getting closer to every day.   Obamacare would expand Medicare to cover the 14,000,000 people who are uninsured in the country, and wish to have insurance.  So Obama and the Democrats are going to mortgage or children’s and grandchildren’s futures by expanding an entitlement program that is a disaster financially for America’s taxpayers.

Exit Question:  Do we have the fortitude and moral character to say “No” to this governmental power grab and put what is right ahead of anecdotal fairy tales?

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