Here Come the Food Police

24 Feb, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Politics

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the model of health, beauty, and wise eating, my mind instantly goes to the sleek, beautiful, America liking, (now that her husband is dictator for 4 years), Michelle Hussein Obama.  Of course, I know her middle name isn’t Hussein, but out of respect for her being the Imam’s woman, it is rather fitting.

Due to her role as First Linebacker, (have you seen those shoulders?), the nation and yes the world is without its top super model.  How the fashion world misses Michelle’s dainty walks accross the stage with those muscular shoulders bulging and her hips taking up the entire cat walk.

Between picking ribs from her teeth and lecturing women on the use of their breasts, (I figured the breasts to be more a part of woman’s body than an unborn baby is), this gangly creature has the nerve to lecture us about what we should not eat.  By the way, is she wearing her bra on the outside of her clothes, or is that a breast belt?

Power grabs by the government seem to always begin with a sob story or two about the children and how they are affected.  Tyrannical people and governments are always built by hypocrits that claim to care more and know more than the populace.  Never mind that Michelle Hussein Obama is very anti life when it comes to a child coming into the world that is an inconvenience in any way to an already born woman.  She and she alone knows what is best for us and our children.  After all she has devoted her time, in between all those vacations, for 18 long and gruelling months into studying how she can wrestle more power from the individual and give Washington power over our gardens, farms, produce departments, plates, forks, spoons and knives.  What a glorious person she is to care so much for you, me, and above all the children that escape the abortionist’s knife.

Exit Observation:  Michelle would do better with being seen to care for children if she didn’t have a husband who defends abortion up until and even during child birth.


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