Obama’s Administration Cannot Be Bothered with Facts

1 Dec, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about ClimateGate and dismissed this colossal cover-up of junk science by saying, “Climate change IS happening”. Scientists agree that the climate of the earth is changing. This is no more earth shattering than the fact that the earth is spinning and that because of this spinning on its axis, darkness is coming. We call this darkness night of course. The left now is scrambling because they realize the emperor has no clothes. They are clouding the issue of man-made global warming now by using the term, climate change. Climate change science is reputable and accurate science. They are using this term in the hope that WE will not notice that the emperor has no clothes. Climate change is cyclical and as early as the 1940s through the 1970s there were those among the flat earth, sky is falling environmentalist wacko crowd that were warning of a coming ice age. The next cycle was a warming period and this same group and some new faces among these junk “scientists” have been screaming of impending doom due to global warming. This present group however didn’t even quit with this rhetoric once the next cooling cycle began in 1998. In the midst of cooling temperatures this brazen gang of ninnies is still keeping up the babbling over global warming or now climate change.

Even after ClimateGate broke these people are not going to stop puking the same garbage about how man, especially the white male, is destroying the planet. The emails involved in ClimateGate prove that this was all made up, as thinking people knew all along. After all, the most recognizable “scientist” pounding the pulpit concerning man-made global warming is not a scientist at all. He isn’t even a person that ANYONE thinks is very bright other than those who also aren’t very bright or are leftist cool aide drinkers.

Exit question: Will Obummer sign away our national decision making when it comes to producing power for our citizens even now that global warming has been found to be a hoax? Will he lead like a man or continue to wallow in the idealistic fantasy world of a man-child?


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