ClimateGate Shows Global Warming to be VooDoo Science

30 Nov, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Thinking people have known all along that man-made global warming is a hoax.  We also have known all along that not only is Al Gore not a scientist, but he is a dunce.  Why does the left listen to and continue listening to this buffoon?  They listen because he is saying the things they want propagated.  He is mouthing the things that will bring about a one world government or at the very least will make our government subservient to the United Nations.  These leftist environmentalist wackos want to see America become a banana republic because they see America’s power as the cause of all the world’s problems.

Even though the last 11 years have been global cooling years, the leftists pressed on with their man-made global warming agenda.  First and foremost in the plan was to make Al Gore himself a multibillionaire.  This will goal will probably be achieved as leftists fantasies die hard.  Just as the state controlled news media has chosen not to report on global cooling, they have chosen not to report on the smoking gun emails that have been uncovered which prove that evidence of man-made global warming is a left wing, marxist, communist fantasy.  The state run media is instead concentrating on the manner in which these emails came to the light of day.  Just as with Senator Joe Wilson, who yelled, “You lie”, as the Community Organizer in Chief proceeded to lie like the Devil himself in a speech before congress.  The media chose to cry about the uncivil nature of this outburst and never mentioned that he was 100% accurate in saying that Obummer was lying.  The state run media refuses once again to at least act like journalists and look at the content.  If the target of this email grab had been a conservative Republican the contents of each and every email would be printed in every major paper in the United States.  I’m confident if embarrassing emails were found that would discredit a conservative, the most damning emails would have made the front page of the NY Times. 

It is not my objective to show her the content of each email, but the contents of these emails can be found here

Exit Question:  Will Obummer continue to lean on this junk science in his bid to tax us into oblivion, or will he cast it aside and take a stand with truth for once?


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