April 1st – Democrat Voter Appreciation Day

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Of course April 1st is also known as April Fool’s Day.  There is obviously no better day to recognize the wreckage caused to our great country by these irresponsible, short-sighted, childish, and IGNORANT voters.  If you voted for ANY of the Democrats in either house, or if you voted for Obama for President, then this day, April 1st, Democrat Voter Appreciation Day, is for you.

Democrat Voter, you are the true April Fool.  Either you were duped, or fooled, by Obama’s mantra of Hope and Change.  Obama never spelled out what he was hoping for or for what he wanted the American people to hope.  Also, he never said what change or changes he planned to implement.  This did not matter though to the Democrat voter.

Democrat Voter, you are the April Fool, because it didn’t matter to you when concerns were brought to light about Obama’s background.  It didn’t matter to you that his mentor was Saul Alinsky.  It didn’t matter to you that he cares so little about what America stands for that he can call anti-American terrorists his friends.  It was of little concern if any that Obama’s political career was launched in the home of a Pentagon bombing terrorist and his wife who is a cop killing terrorist.

You are the April Fool because when Obama thought he was off mic he told exactly what he was up to when he told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around.  You wouldn’t listen to logical political talkers and you didn’t listen to the Obama’s own words.  Now you’re shocked that he’s spreading YOUR wealth around?  You’re surprised that he shoved down our throats the biggest power grab this side of Hugo Chavez?  Or maybe you like the health care carnage that Obama has waged on the American people.  If so, you are the biggest fool of all because you are the kind of fool who will give up their God given rights for NOTHING but the satisfaction that some other social group is going to get punished financially.

If you voted for this monstrosity unknowingly, then this day is indeed for you Mr. and Mrs. Democrat voter.  Happy Democrat Voter Appreciation Day.

If you voted for this train wreck of a presidency knowingly, then again you are the worst kind of a fool.  You are the kind of fool that sells liberty cheap.  There is no hope for you, other than maybe you’ll be too sick and too busy waiting in a long line at the DMV trying to get an appointment to see a doctor and won’t be able to vote.

Please enjoy the video below which helps to further explain why we celebrate Democrat Voter Appreciation Day on April 1st.

Happy Democrat Voter Appreciation Day

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