The Tolerant Left

15 Jun, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Usually with the left their intolerance is exhibited in the attempt to squelch free speech that does not fit into their agenda through political and judicial means.  The hope of the statist to put an end to talk radio rests in the hands of the FCC and Obama’s Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd.  The strategy of the left, and Obama in particular, is to eradicate any discussion that does not agree with the socialist agenda of the Democrat party.

Representative Bob Etheridge, Democrat, 2nd district of North Carolina, however, got physical with a student on a sidewalk in Washington.

This student must have been way out of line for this good hearted leftist to grab him by the wrist and then by the nape of the neck.  To make a level headed leftist leaning Democrat Representative angry enough to commit assault, the student must have used some vulgar and profain language in addressing the congressman. This was not the case though.

What made the leftist Democrat mad as an old wet hen?  The representative of the good people of second district of North Carolina was asked, “Do you fully support the Obama agenda.”  The statist of course is above being asked questions by the lowly serfs.  This is a simple question requiring a simple yes or no answer.  This question is not even so pointed as to even be a partisan verbal attack.  It is not out of the question to think that a left leaning student might want to know if this schmuck fully supports the Obama agenda.

Even if this had been a politically charged, partisan missive, an elected official should have the brains and the self control to just answer the question without demanding to know, “Who are you!” and qualifying that question with, “I have a right to know who you are”.  EVERYTHING is a right to the left these days.  Now if a citizen asks an innocuous question of these jerks on the left they demand to know who is asking the question.  Maybe this representative of the people, don’t make me laugh, would rather be asked questions by an illegal alien instead of by an actual citizen of the US?

As can be seen on the video a crime was committed by this so called representative.

Exit Questions:  Will the DC police pick him up and charge him with assault?  Will Nancy Pelosi show she has one inkling of honor left and have this pompous idiot removed from office?

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