Liberal’s Boycott of Logic Extends to Arizona

21 May, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Liberals all across the country are boycotting Arizona.  That’s fine, liberals have been boycotting logic for two hundred years in America and thousands of years world-wide. 

This boycott is a knee jerk reaction that liberals have anytime laws that are in place to protect our borders and preserve our way of life are enforced.  A country without borders ceases to be a country.  A country that does not enforce border restraints during a time of war is unheard of, at least until now. 

 The Obama regime does not stand condemned alone in this area.  As good a champion George Bush was in regard to the war on terror, he was also mushy when it came to enforcing the laws of the land to protect our borders.

Obama and his regime have soared to new heights of idiocy ever since Arizona passed a law that basically makes it possible for the state to do the job of protecting the border since the federal government refuses to do its job.  It is obvious that no one in the Obama regime has read the ten page law before demonizing the state and its governor for the content of the law.

Then Obama invited the President of Mexico to the White House for a steak dinner.  At the get together the Mexican president chastised the state of Arizona for this law when the Mexican laws surrounding illegal immigration are much more stringent than our own and are even prejudiced against legal immigrants who become naturalized citizens of Mexico. 

These immigrant citizens of Mexico cannot vote or own land even though they are naturalized citizens of Mexico.  Also, it is a felony to cross the Mexican border into Mexico illegally.  A second offense can result in a 10 year prison sentence.

It isn’t enough that the president is on an apology tour for America where he is apologizing to every tin horn dictator to which he can bow the knee and head.  Now we have Obama inviting a president from another country to come here to the United States to disparage an illegal immigration law by one of our states. 

How dare this third world president come over to our country and bash the people of our great land.  While this moron, the president of Mexico, attacks Arizona law through lies and smears, a standing ovation was afforded him by the Anti-American Democrats.

The brazenness shown by Obama in offering the Mexican President a platform at the White House to bash one of our governors is so beyond the pale as to reach into new realms of Anti-American posturing even for the Democrats and Obama.

Below is an exerpt from the speech by Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as the basis for law enforcement

Exit Question:  Will this president and the Democrats stand with instead of against the American people when it comes to protecting our borders and our way of life against illegal aliens and other threats to our soverignty? 

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