The Obama Doctrine

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This feckless president and his regime are so inept at handling real life problems that it is difficult to really describe an exact Obama Doctrine.  He is a Marxist ideologue so his push toward a utopia of his fantasy world of his own design, clouds his thought process on every situation that arises and on all of his thought processes.  Nothing can get in the way of his crafting of this distant utopian fantasy land.

Since it is well established and has been written of by many people, including me, that Obama is a socialist Marxist, I would like to give attention to his problem handling and will attempt to draw from this observation The Obama Doctrine.

Since the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the President by law is the leader in times of environmental emergencies.  This of course means that President Obama is by law the person in charge of dealing with this spill.  Now what does Obama know about capping oil spills?  Nothing, but no one expects him to know anything about this.

Very few people know how to contain or control this type of spill on the floor of the ocean.  But what a President should know is how to put together a team with know-how and then lead this team. One would think that a team of experts from Exxon, Mobile, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and even experts from foreign oil companies would have been assembled to form a brain trust in combating this spill.

Here is THE problem with the Obama regime in regard to dealing with problems that arise.  Community activists are prodders; not leaders.  Obama, being a community activist does not know how to put a team together without a lot of yelling and sign holding.  This experience is not helping in this situation and will not help in any other problematic situation that will come up during his regime’s term.

As a prodder the president has prodded and poked the American people with a sharp stick until even his supporters are fed up with him.  Chris Matthews is having his leg checked to see if that tingling in his leg is a medical condition and not a feeling of euphoria stemming from listening to a speech given by the One.

“No one ever spoke like this man”, you can hear the leftist say almost as if they are speaking of deity.  By the way you leftist wackos have set your sights way to low in your search for a messiah as He is sitting at the right of God’s throne and never used a teleprompter.

Obama enjoys the trappings of the president and of being president.  He and Michelle are globe trotting around the world, bowing to every tin horn dictator that will entertain them and feed them lunch.  He enjoys bringing an entourage along on dates with Michelle and shutting down the entire downtown of cities.  He enjoys being able to tell America what we as Americans should do.

He does not enjoy managing problems though, and as we have witnessed with the oil spill in the gulf, he refuses to lead during or even deal with problems.  The time spent on problems just gets in the way of his pressing his agenda through and stalls his attack on the American people, our way of life and our individual liberty.

Obama has spent his time since this crisis began playing golf and placing blame on others.

The Obama doctrine?  Avoid leadership during times of crisis and blame others for your lack of effort and leadership.  Attack the entity at the forefront of the crisis, punish them monetarily and then take them over.

Exit question:  Will Joseph, “Stand up Chuck”, Biden be asked what the Obama doctrine is during the next campaign?

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