Obama Is a Tireless Liar

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There is an old adage that says, “If his lips are moving, he’s lying”.  This was said numerous times about Bill Clinton during his years of lowering presidential standards.  Obama, seemingly quite ably has picked up this lying mantle.  His speech, as are all of his speeches, trumpeting his success as the GM CEO was full of shameless self aggrandizement and fairy tales.  As all fascists are prone to do, Obama often rewrites history to make his actions seem necessary and nobler than they were.

Also Obama lies as one who has never accomplished anything, unless you count the driving of the American economy into the worst downward spiral since the great depression as an accomplishment.  This does appear to be his lone accomplishment, since he hates free enterprise and wishes to “spread the wealth around”, like one spreads manure with a spreader.

The video below is the speech given by Obama concerning his great “leadership” in the takeover of  the GM and the majority of the automobile industry in the United States of America.

What’s more, American taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administration invested in GM.

So Mr. President, this money that American taxpayers are now “positioned”, (grab the ankles), to recover; will it be coming to each taxpayer as a check, an IOU, or will we receive a tax credit?  Just how will the American taxpayer recover this money that your administration stole from us in order to perform a hostile, government takeover of a privately held company?

As expected, we will see this return of our misused tax dollars the day after never.

For the first time in six years, Ford, GM and Chrysler are all operating at a profit.  In fact, last week, GM announced its best quarter in over 11 years.  And most importantly, American workers are back at the assembly line manufacturing the high-quality, fuel-efficient, American-made cars of tomorrow, capable of going toe to toe with any other manufacturer in the world.

Ford is operating at a profit?  Isn’t that impossible since they didn’t take the bailout/takeover money?  It is so amazing Mr. President that lowly Ford Motor Company could make a profit without your guidance in choosing a CEO and board members.  Single handedly, with other people’s money, you saved the auto industry of the United States.  You are such an amazing car person Mr. Obama.  Your version of the Volkswagen, the Chevy Volt, is a nightmare of a piece of trash car that nobody wants.  I guess a few people will actually drive it though.  It will serve flat earthers well, seeing that it has to charge overnight when driven a true electric car.  This will let them save the planet while not going too far lest they fall off the edge of the earth.

Just two years ago, this seemed impossible.  In fact, there were plenty of doubters and naysayers who said it couldn’t be done, who were prepared to throw in the towel and read the American auto industry last rites.  Independent estimates suggested, however, that had we taken that step, had we given up, we would have lost more than 1 million jobs across all 50 states.  It would have also resulted in economic chaos, devastating communities across the country and costing governments tens of billions of dollars in additional social safety net benefits and lost revenue.

A president should be above lying, but as usual with this president, lying is the new norm.  This is part of the change for which you Democrats voted.  Here Imam Obama builds a straw man when he talks of naysayers who said it couldn’t be done.  Those apposed to the takeover/bailout of GM simply said that GM should be allowed to go through bankruptcy and come through as a leaner, meaner company after making necessary cuts and changes.  This would have allowed GM to reign in the SEIU in the process and make new labor agreements with them through arbitration.  Instead, GM was infused with taxpayer money that it didn’t have to earn through selling its vehicles.  It came through the bailout/takeover the same bloated company, but now it doesn’t even need to compete in the marketplace since it is government owned and subsidized by you and me.

No one was giving up on the auto industry and giving it last rights.  This is just another straw man that Imam Obama chooses to create since he cannot argue the real issues at hand.  Then he says if the bailout/takeover hadn’t been done, we would have lost 1,000,000 million jobs across the country.  This statement would be laughable if he wasn’t the very one whose policies have led to 10 times that number in jobs lost across the country, and a big part of the reason is the big spending with the bailout/takeover of GM.  Does this knucklehead of a president really think his policies have helped avoid economic chaos?  His policies are designed to bring chaos to the economy and to bring the American worker to his knees.  Just listening and reading this moron’s speeches makes me feel that I’ve dropped a couple dozen IQ points!

That wasn’t an acceptable option –- to throw up our hands and to quit.  That’s not what we do.  This is a country of optimistic and determined people who don’t give up when times are tough.  We do what’s necessary to move forward.

Again, Mr. Obama is punching the straw man.  No one wanted to throw up our hands and quit.  We wanted GM to do the right thing and go through a healthy bankruptcy instead of having our own government rape us of our wealth and buy more labor union votes with it.  Optimism, Mr. President?  Really?  Is it optimism you’ve been puking every time you leave American soil?  You can’t wait to get away from America to denigrate her and her proud history.  In Strasbourg, Germany our optimistic president said,

America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.

One more snippet from this incoherent, tired speech;

Ron Bloom and Brian Deese are key members of the team that helped to engineer this rescue of GM and Chrysler.

Rescue is not the word most would use, especially in GM’s case.  Did Germany, and later Russia, rescue Poland?  Does a bank robber rescue people from their money?  Would a lobotomy for every Democrat rescue the rest of us from this insanity?  Well in the case of the latter, it just might.

While he is a seemingly tireless liar, Obama is at the same time a tiresome liar.  January 20, 2013 cannot get here soon enough!

Exit Observation:  This president, while feckless and so inadequate as a leader, is not shy when it comes to blowing his own horn.  When it comes to America though, we need to humble ourselves and accept the third world, banana republic to which he longs to shape us.

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