It’s National Security, Stupid

4 May, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

When Bill Clinton was running against George H.  Bush, the mantra of the Clinton campaign was, “It’s the Economy, Stupid”.  It wasn’t really catchy then and was disingenuous at best.  While there isn’t a catchy sound bite to show the stupidity the Obama regime has recently shown by detailing the number of nuclear warheads the US possesses, it does indeed represent a level of stupidity that we haven’t seen yet, even from Obama.

This concerns the security of the country.  This is the main thing our government is in existence to do for the American people; keep us safe.  Instead of keeping us safe, they are leaking secrets that would have previously put a spy’s life in danger to divulge.

I guess one way to get rid of spies is to just openly leak ALL security and sensitive information yourself.  So at least the regime has, without trying, solved the age old problem of spies.

With all this openness you would think we could see a birth certificate.  Sometimes you just have to have a good laugh.  Is Obama an undocumented worker?  He doesn’t seem to work that cheap or do jobs that Americans won’t do.  This paragraph is just extra fluff that won’t cost you any extra.

Obama, like all fantasy minded liberals, believes that the world has nuclear arms because we do and they are afraid of us because we are so terrible and have caused the world so much misery.  So, if we show the world how many warheads we have and how many we are going to retire and dismantle, surely this will comfort the world and they will follow us, the great Satan that we are, in laying down their nuclear arms.

Obama wrote the following statement to the UN conference on global disarmament.

We will see whether nations without nuclear weapons will fulfill their obligation to forsake them.  Nations that pursue this path find greater security and opportunity as an integrated member of the international community. load website Nations that ignore their obligations find themselves less secure, less prosperous and more isolated. That is the choice nations must make.

Mr. Obama do you have an agreement with ALL nations that do not have nuclear weapons that they will forsake them?  I didn’t think so, so what is obligating them to continue to forsake them as we lay ours down?  Our defenselessness is going provoke rogue nations to be just harmless little fuzz balls who just long to get together with us and sing Kumbaya?  Have these people lost their ever lovin’, albeit naive minds?

Obama’s way of dealing with countries that ignore these virtual obligations?  While we are actively dismantling our defense, we will then seek ways to cause countries that have obtained nuclear weapons to feel less secure, to be less prosperous and more isolated.  What a great strategy our president has for us!  We disarm and piss everyone else off that won’t disarm or that gathers new arms.

Thomas Sowell discusses his concerns with the unconstrained vision of Barack Obama. –This video is from December 14, 2008.

It’s National Security, Stupid

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