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One of the things that was talked about on a daily basis at my parent’s house was American Exceptionalism.  The term American Exceptionalism was never used, but the concept of how great this country is and how special it is were spoken of and explained to me at an early age.

My father loves America and he instilled this in me as far back as I can remember.  He taught me about our founders and how they were mostly Bible believing Christians, not Deists as so many on the left have claimed.

(A great resource for information on the religion of our founding fathers can be found here

I understand that the left leaning statist cringes at the thought that this is a Christian nation with these roots going deep into our founding.  History is what it is though and cannot be changed to fit our own ideology.  History can be misconstrued by revisionist historians, but history stands unchanged.  History cannot be taken as is by the anti-christ left.  The very founding of this country and her founding documents stands in the way of what the leftist, statist wishes to accomplish.

American Exceptionalism has everything to do with our founding.  We weren’t founded by one or more narcissists who just wanted to make a big splash, be well known, and have total power over other human beings.

Our founders risked their lives for their beliefs both concerning freedom of religion and freedom of the individual.  Everything that America is, every advantage that is ours because we are American citizens, we owe to the founding fathers.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to the generations who have preceded us and have handed over to us this great nation.

My father, who had already decided to be a minister at age 17, lied about his age to enlist to go to into the military during WWII.  He was unable to serve due to an appendectomy he had when he was 14.  Hi appendix had burst and was still sore when a doctor pushed his fingers into the incision scar.  When Dad picked himself off the floor, the doctor informed him that he would not pass the physical and could not serve.

That’s what our previous generation was made of and that is the legacy of our great land.

Only in America does every boy and girl have the chance to do great things.  Not everyone comes from the same social or economic situation, but even the poorest among us can achieve great things in life.  We all get a chance.

Only in America is it understood that it is more important for everyone to have a chance than for there to be equality in results.  Equality in results takes away the chance for EVERYONE.  We all have forced mediocrity when results are equally enforced.  The person with all the talent in the world will only be as good as the person with no talent.  Also, the person with no talent will have no reason to strive to be better.

Only in America are the laws written so that government cannot legitimately overreach into the individual’s life.  The constitution is brilliant in telling the government what it cannot do.  No other country has ever had a document like it.

Only in America do we enjoy the freedoms bestowed by Almighty God, spelled out for us by Revolutionists, not who sought power, but who sought refuge from tyranny for themselves and for those who would follow them.

Only in America can we look into the eyes of our children and say, “You can be ANYTHING you want to be and that God wills you to be”.

Only in America is there true religious freedom.  There is religious freedom because we are a Christian nation.  Other religions call for the sword to be used or at least for other religions to be stopped.  Christians are confident that if the truth and light are shown beside untruth and darkness that the light of the gospel will draw all men toward Christ.  John 12:32

American Exceptionalism needs to be taught to our children and grandchildren.  The clarion call is for each of us to be vigilant in teaching others, and also in defending this nation upon which God has certainly spread His grace.

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