Does She Float?

20 Sep, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Politics

Christine O’Donnell is coming under fire from CBS News among other “news” organizations for a comment she made while on a Bill Maher’s show, “Politically Incorrect”.  The comment was made during an appearance by O’Donnell that was never aired.  Maher showed a video clip of this comment on his new show, “Real Time”.

In the clip O’Donnell, who obviously had no political aspirations at the time, admits that,

I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. … I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things.

The CBSnooze story on the O’Donnell comment can be found at the URL below.

This is interesting due to the fact that Imam Hussein Obama’s religion has come under question recently as was shown in a Pew Poll.  Did CBSnooze run a story concerning Obama’s possible dabbling in Islam since he was born a Muslim?

Yes, CBSnooze did run a story in which they carried Imam Hussein Obama’s water.  They even quoted his Marxist, racist, anti-Christian, former pastor, Jeremiah Wright in order to discredit the rumor that the Imam Hussein Obama might be a Muslim.

The CBSnooze story on the possibility of Imam Hussein Obama being a Muslim can be found at this URL.

To close out the story on O’Donnell, CBSnooze wrote,

candidate O’Donnell will have to explain to the citizens of Delaware what’s behind her some of her more controversial ideas past and present.

In actively carrying Imam Hussein Obama’s water for him, CBSnooze never suggested that Obama needed to explain anything to anyone.  So Obama, born Muslim and with the entirety of the Muslim world excepting him as their own, has nothing to explain about possibly “dabbling” in Islam, but O’Donnell will have to explain what is behind her controversial ideas.

Why not make Imam Obama explain his ties to a Marxist church for 20 years, or his wanting to “spread the wealth around”?  Why not have him explain his visit to 57 states during the campaign, especially since there are 57 states recognized by Islam?

Why is the tolerant left not OK with O’Donnell’s dabbling into witchcraft?  Aren’t they the self proclaimed bastions of tolerance?  Also, O’Donnell said that she had dabbled, that this was something in her past at the time of her telling of this in 1999.  Imam Hussein Obama’s “dabbling” with Islam is rumored and thought by many, including the King of Egypt, to still be going on today.

As shown in the video above, immediately after O’Donnell won it was obvious that the left was going to try to crush her by using smear tactics to try to ruin her.  This is politics as usual for the “tolerant” left.

Exit Observation:  In light of the CBSnooze double standard, it appears that they along with the other old line media outlets are on a witch hunt.  Next they will want to dunk her in water to see if she floats.

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